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Posted on May 23, 2016 by FANATIC PASS



Fanatic Pass is the perfect way to express your fandom enthusiasm! Created for fans to show support for their favorite team no matter where they are, the Fanatic Pass allows a true fan to show their dedication to their favorite team. Now, Fanatic Pass is creating a new Fanatic Pass for Miami sports fans.

All Miami sports fans are urged to vote for their favorite Fanatic Pass team!  Fans can choose between the inspired Dolphins, Miami Heat, or the Hurricanes and their vote will make them part of the Fanatic Pass creation process.

The experts at Fanatic Pass are sports enthusiasts and fans too, and are able to capture all the elements of each fan's enthusiasm. This latest project will result in an entirely new, unique Fanatic Pass for one of the great Miami professional sports teams and the fans will choose the design!

Fanatic Passes can be worn anywhere, even at work. Their professional design makes them the perfect accessory for any occasion and any fan can still show their loyalty to their team. These passes can be worn by anyone and unlike a jersey or t-shirt are appropriate to wear anywhere.

The Fanatic Pass also provides access to exclusive content. All you need to do is scan the back of the pass using your smart device and you can access all sorts of information that is not available to the ordinary fan. Purchasing a Fantastic Pass shows your commitment to your favorite team and keeps you current on the latest news and events.

Each Fanatic Pass uses high-resolution images selected to show the loyalty and enthusiasm of the ultimate fan. Every fan likes to show off their team support and the Fanatic Pass is truly the best way to demonstrate your true love and dedication for your team.

No matter if you are a fan of a college or professional sports team, you can purchase a Fanatic Pass to show your support. Simply throw the lanyard with your pass around your neck and you are ready to show everyone how serious you are about your favorite team. Stand out and make your team loyalty known.

Now, Fanatic Pass is creating a new pass for a Miami team. If you have a favorite team in Miami, vote now to ensure your team gets their own Fanatic Pass.  Each design is unique and shows how special your team is and why you support it. Be part of the creative process and vote for your favorite image today!



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