Show Your True Pride With FIU Merchandise

Posted on July 11, 2016 by FANATIC PASS


FIU (Florida International University) is the home to more than 54,000 students and has become one of the 3rd biggest universities in the whole of Florida. This extensive growth has encouraged an extensive range of benefits that has resulted in an outstanding alumni base. The large amount of students has also resulted in an increasing demand for superior FIU merchandise.

Whether you are a fan of their sports teams, a student alumni or a friend or family of alumni’s, the only merchandise that is able to show true Panther Pride would be the FIU Fanatic Pass. It is true that FIU T-shirts and jerseys are rated as some of the more popular items when it comes to FIU gear. However, these items of clothing cannot be worn at any time or anywhere when compared to the FIU Fanatic Pass.

There are several FIU merchandise types available, but none of them are able to illustrate fandom and pride like the FIU Fanatic Pass. Below are few good reasons as to why this apparel is far better than the FIU T-shirts:

  • Unlike the FIU T-shirts, you are able to wear your pass anywhere, anytime.
  • Accessibility to exclusive content is another attractive benefit with your fanatic pass. These passes feature a special bar code that you can scan using your smart phone or device and you are provided with exclusive information.

The FIU Fanatic Pass can be used for all ages. Even seniors can wear this pass with pride without having to be concerned about being scrutinized for wearing team clothing. The fanatic pass is easy to wear and you don’t need to worry about making sure your FIU T-shirt is clean and ready for the next game. This gear is one of the best ways to really show your team spirit and pride.



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