Why A Fanatic Pass Is Better FAU Apparel Than A T-Shirt

Posted on July 11, 2016 by FANATIC PASS



If you are a fan of FAU apparel, you may have considered buying one of the t-shirts that are available. Instead of buying that, you should opt for a fanatic pass. Here are some reasons for you to forgo the t-shirt and make this choice.

One thing that can never be disputed is the fact that FAU apparel is awesome. As a result, many people have rushed out to get their hands on a t-shirt or two. This may show team spirit, but it is not as innovative as getting a fanatic pass. Everywhere you look, people wear shirts to show off their love for teams; don't you want to be a bit different? Buying a fanatic pass means that you are ahead of the pack when it comes to being unique and expressing your FAU love.

Sometimes it is just not appropriate to have on a t-shirt. For instance, if you are on the job or at some type of company event, you will not have the opportunity to wear your shirt and show off your inner fandom to the world. Since an FAU pass serves as an accessory, you can place one around your neck and show team spirit at all times. There are many companies out there and rarely is it stated in the dress code that you cannot wear a fanatic pass on your neck.

Once you buy a t-shirt, that is the end of the story. Sure, you can put it on from time to time, but there is really no added benefit to having one. The fanatic pass is like a gift that keeps on giving. Fans who have purchased one of these can scan the back of the pass with their mobile devices and gain access to rare content that is only available to pass holders. Anyone can be a fan and walk around with a basic t-shirt on, but it takes a true fan to buy a pass and give them a ticket to the inner circle.

An FAU t-shirt is fine, but that is something that you can look around and see on just about anyone. With that said, real fans know that the key to showing FAU love is to go out there and get a fanatic pass. The advantages of that purchase should give you more than enough reason to get up and go get one.




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