About Us

Our vision started out as a dream that manifested into a desire that true fans can embrace. A true fan never stops being a believer in their hero(s) and is always ready to show it. This is where FanaticPass gained its inspiration. By careful design, we at FanaticPass, were able to capture the elements surrounding a fan’s enthusiasm. From high-definition images that were precisely selected, to the intentional dimensions of the pass to clearly display them; and we didn’t just stop there. We pushed further and orchestrated an awesome website where fans, of the same and different genre, will rally together to display their love and dedication. Lets face it, fans just want to show-off and FanaticPass is the one and only way a true fan can show their enthusiasm anywhere at anytime. Whether moved through inspiration or motivated by love, FanaticPass constantly reminds you and everyone else what you're a fan of.