Bethune Cookman


Finding A Quality Bethune Cookman University Gear


Bethune Cookman Fanatic Pass is the perfect gear if you are looking to show some alumni pride, or want to give support to a friend who attends that fine school. Although there are many options when it comes to finding the type of Bethune Cookman  gear that you want, nothing comes close to the Bethune Cookman Fanatic Pass. 


Just What Type of Gear Are You Looking for?

One of the major questions you need to answer before finding the right gear is to decide just what type of gear it is you're looking for.  The only gear that you will be able to show your inner wildcat anytime  and anywhere  is the Bethune Cookman Fanatic Pass.   

Next time you step out on the scene don’t be a regular fan with mediocre gear. Be a fanatic by displaying your Wild Cat pride with the Bethune Cookman fanatic pass. Whatever the occasion, with the Wild Cat logo in the front, a high quality lanyard for a comfortable fit, nobody will doubt that you’re a Wild Cat.

  • Officially Licensed Product



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Height: 4.75"

Width: 3"

Edge Radius: 1cm

Thickness: 1.5mm

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